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Come oh visitor,
This door is not the door of despair.
However you are, come.

Come as you are,
Without opening your mouth,
Open your eyes,
Open your soul.
Wait, your remedy will come.
This door is not the door of despair.

Don't ask questions;
Don't list your needs one by one.
If you stay quiet,
All you need will be given.
Wait, your remedy will come.

Come oh visitor,
This door is not the door of despair.
Come, just like drops are going to the sea.
İslam and Love
To The Totality Of Mankind
To save one Human Beingis to saveall Mankind
1. What Peace? The question of peace remains the foremost issue on the agenda of the world. In spite of the recent encouraging rapprochement between the superpowers, we still remain very far from an effective, global peace. The following items will suffice to give some notion, however faint, of where the situation stands.
1. The death toll of the Second World War, the greatest war in human history, was 50 million human beings. On the other hand, in the period of pseudo"peace" we have been living through since the Second World War, the number of dead in regional wars, border conflicts, terrorist activities and the like has exceeded 100 million.
2. Taking the total destructive power of World War lI as a yardstick, a single Trident submarine is scheduled to carry the equivalent of 25 World War lls, while the world's nuclear arsenal adds up to 6000 World War lls.
3. Setting aside …
Ahmed Hamza Serveri (1957-2000)  İslam ja Rakkaus yhdyskunnan puheenjohta
Life is always the same
Human people always come to this world to do the same things again, to
repeat everything. If we take a look at the time from Hathrad Adam until
today, we will see that the people always made the same mistakes and that
they always show off because of the same things.
This is because ALLAH has separated human beings in two groups: the ones
who believe in ALLAH and the ones who don't believe. And since the time of
Hathrad Adem, these non-believers are fighting against the believers. These
non-believers try to eradicate the signs of ALLAH on this world. But they
will never succeed, because everything in this universe, visible or
invisible, are the signs of ALLAH. The signs of ALLAH are the things ALLAH
created. Also the non-believers do know this. They wanted to become the
owners of everything in this world and also of the worldly life. But they
could not. Human being is not even able to be the owner of his own body.
His body went away but they were not able to stop it. Thei…